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1 THE BEST ANTIRUS IS AVAST on Mon Oct 05, 2009 5:41 am

From my own success story as a long-term experienced internet user that have come across series of malicious catastrophic virus and malware situation, I would bluntly say that AVAST antivirus is the best anti virus that have ever existed, this is true because it has a high degree of sensitivity to any malicious situation. There is a cut differences between avast and other so-called antivirus that always lie dumb in your computer thereby making your computer to be at a much higher risk.
If you doubt what I am saying, and you have been using anti virus like ESET, NOD32, MCAFE or AVIRA for some time, just uninstall them and install avast you will be surprised at the series of viruses and other malicious malwares that would be detected on your PC.
the other antivirus i respect so much is Karsperky here are the reasons why i say so.
Here are the few things good things about Kaspersky:

* Kaspersky is a small program, it uses only 11 MB disk space and requires minimal system resources.
* Kaspersky provides a comprehensive security tool kit with a nicely organized interface.
* Kaspersky will even run an optional, post-setup system scan if you want to start with a clean machine.
* It gives total protection from online viruses and worms, remote attacks, and malware such as spyware.
* Kaspersky has consistently ranked well among important third-party antivirus testing sites and is considered to be both faster and more reliable, than brand names such as McAfee and Norton & currently it has the best detection record of all antivirus programs.
* It scans all types of archives files, not only ZIP-files

The only downside of kaspersky is that it is relatively expensive compared to other security suites and their support & service is not very well since Kaspersky is a Russian company, and requesting live technical support from Moscow will cost you.

Overall it provides solid protection against all type of threats and i have been using it since last year and i havent got any virus or hacker attack in my PC till date.

Earlier i have used combination of ZoneAlarm AVG but my system got attacked many times but now Kaspersky Internet Security works perfect for me. visit http://www.techcruser.blogspot.com for the complete post

If you have not been using avast, or you have been using it but you don’t know the tricks behind it full usage, this article or post is for you. I would have post the direct link where to get the real soft copy of this software here, but owing to this forum directive of not allowing individuals to post URL link. Nevertheless, I will show you how to embark on it full usage.

Go get the professional edition install it on your PC without registering it at first. If you are using the genuine valid registration key you are good to go. But if you are using the normal hacked and cracked key just do as I say above. Download the latest update separately without installing it directly. After the update download, install the update before registering your avast key that I would give to you later. Then after successful installation you can go ahead to register it with this registration key W8123703R9977A0911 or W5528733R9942A0911-8NM6FXWV. After successful registration the expiring date will increase from 59 days to about one thousand three hundred and some thing days which is approximately 3 years. I will post another registration code tomorrow or there after when I am less busy.

NOTE: the reason why some of you have not been able to update your avast online as for those that have been using June update or previous years version is that you can not use the hacked or cracked registration key to update avast unless you make purchase from their site. The difference between the genuine valid key and the normal cracked and hacked key is that, the genuinely registered PC key can be updated directly online without having to download the update separately. Just like the way the update have to be downloaded in the case of the cracked and hacked key.
You can post any challenges and difficulty you have been going through here on this forum and let other gurus in that field take you by the hand. You really need to be protected so as not to crash your internal and external storage devices.

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2 Re: THE BEST ANTIRUS IS AVAST on Tue Oct 20, 2009 10:01 pm

i undoubtedly and definitely agree with you!!
avast is the best anti-virus... i trusted this
software because it is so effective... i have
been using this anti-virus for almost a year...

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